Q) Who is organising Fragarama?

    We have a dedicated committee of volunteers who have donated countless hours of effort to bring you this Frag Show. The committee meets on a regular basis and votes on all proposals. 

    At the time of its initial development in 2015 there were no reefing shows in Australia at all. We decided we wanted Aussie reefers to experience a frag show without having to travel overseas after which we registered the Fragarama name and website. Not long after, Jake came to visit and encouraged us to launch Fragarama ASAP while he brought the Reefstock show to (Sydney) Australia but due to time and money constraints we put all our energy into supporting that event. The time has come now to bring Fragarama to fruition and help invigorate the Brisbane reefing scene and we hope the event generates a lot of support and positive outcomes to all involved. 

    Q) As a Fragarama vendor, how big is my allocated space?

    There are 3 options for vending at Fragarama: 

    1. Fully Catered Frag Tank site : A single (wet) fully catered vendor site is a 37cm x 37cm. There are three (3) racks per Frag tank. We currently have a total of 11 brand new frag tanks available, with the option of getting more if demand requires. There will be a Fragarama acrylic frag rack 37 x 37 provided – this is a single “site”. You have the option of bringing your frags in to settle in on the Friday prior to the show day OR taking the rack (includes silicone inserts) home to fill and transport over (bag and hassle free!) OR simply bringing your frags in with you on Saturday morning before the open time! If you’d like to fill up an entire 4 foot catered tank, you will need to purchase three (3) sites. 
    2. BYO Tank : you are limited to a 120cm x 60cm footprint (due to the weight) and table provided. If you would like to bring a tank including stand, please email our committee organisers to ensure we can make room for you – info@fragarama.com.au
    3. Dry Site : This is the perfect space for reefing industry related suppliers of dry goods, products, merchandise and artwork. These are the spaces which are available one the table alongside the wet selling tanks which are 60cm long and 70cm wide. 

    The rectangular tables provided are sturdy and 240 cm x 70 cm in size. Fragarama will provide tablecloths and power boards. 

    Q) What are the costs to vend?

    We have endeavored to minimise costs wherever possible to maintain affordability. Please check out the Eventbrite ticket sales site via www.fragarama.com.au to book your space and see all the details of our vending pricing structure. We are offering 25 % off early bird savings so be sure to secure your spot early! 

    1. Fully Catered Single Wet Site (rack 37cm x 37cm) = ($75 earlybird special) or $100

    (please note: to use a full catered 4 foot tank = 3 x Wet Site = $225 – earlybird)

    1. BYO Tank Site (max footprint 120cm x 60cm) = $112.50 (earlybird) or $150
    2. Dry site for Product, Artwork, Merch etc = $37.50 or $50 

    Q) What can I sell?

    Coral frags and anything related to coral frags! Reefing gear – hardware, products, supplements. Reef related merchandise – shirts, caps etc. Reefing artworks and handmade jewellery. Fragarama is celebrating and promoting sustainability within our hobby and for this reason we have decided on this one rule : no wild corals allowed. 

    Q) When can I set up my selling space?

    Vendors will be permitted to set up their space on Friday May 24th from 2 pm – 6pm and 8pm – 9:30pm. (The centre of the function room is being utilised 6 – 8pm). All fully catered sites will be set up and available to utilise from Friday 2pm onward. On Saturday the venue will be ready to accomodate for vendors from 8:30 am.  The show will be need to be set up to completion before opening for attendee access from 10 am Saturday 25th May. 

    Q) What precautions are being taken to ensure my livestock are safe regarding life support?

    Where required Fragarama will supply tank setup for fully catered site vendors which includes premium quality ICP certified natural seawater. Parameters can be accessed and shared upon request. The fully catered 4 foot frag tanks will be lit by premium quality LED lighting, heated and filtered via pre seeded canister filters with an array of additional chemical filtration options available. 

    Setup is not available at the site after *pm on Friday night due to the centre space being used for a bingo event. It is important for any late set up vendors to understand the importance of not disrupting their event if it is absolutely necessary for you to be present past *pm. 

    Free seawater will be available for top ups over the day due to selling frags along with water. 

    It can be very useful to have carbon, polyfilter, zeolite etc on hand in case of any water clarity issues but it is highly likely you will not require anything extra. 

    Q) As a wet vendor – other than my coral frags – what do I need to bring?

    Consider bringing Fish bags, rubber bands, a towel, advertising merchandise such as business cards or fliers, a square reader. There will be space below the table to store these kinds of things. Each vendor will also receive a char to use. Fragarama can provide neon 3D printed price tag frag plugs if required for a small fee. 

    Q) As a wet vendor – what if I also have some dry stock/merchandise I’d like to sell?

    You could easily book and pay for a dry site along with your wet site and we will ensure these are neighbouring each other to suit your needs. 

    Merchandise Tuckshop: As an official Fragarama vendor we would like to offer you to sell your dry merchandise (T-shirts, Showbags, Caps, stickers, stubbie coolers etc) at our collaborative Fragarama Merchandise kiosk positioned at the end of the room. There is no additional cost to use this service however it will be imperative to lodge this request at least two (2) weeks prior to the show commencing (before May 12th 2024). 

    We aim to have Fragarama volunteers available to help process these sales on your behalf. All kiosk sales will be processed via a square reader and totals will be available to view via request and also on the vendors group chat on FB. The balance owed (minus the square reader fees) will be paid to you within a 48 hours of the show shut down. This Merch Kiosk option will free up the concept of you having to display merchandise (etc) alongside a wet display on the day. 

    Q) Is there parking at Wynnum Bowls Club?

    There is heaps of free parking available. The official parking area is on Bridge Street (about 20 parks) but there is countless parking area on the other streets (Daisy St, Carnation St) surrounding the bowls club also. 

    Q) Is there a loading dock at the Wynnum Bowls Club? 

    Yes, there is a loading dock next to the main carpark, accessible from behind the bar, from Bridge Street. 

    Q) How can Vendors help promote the show?

    Post! Share! Like! Engage people! (Please!) 

    We will have promotional fliers ready soon which we can give you to distribute or display on your shop fronts. A great way to distribute these is to add them into your online order pack-outs. 

    We fully encourage vendors to share as many posts on social media as possible and contribute to group discussions about the event with the public. This day is going to be epic! More attendees and vendors are only going to benefit everyone and ultimately help grow the reefing community. 

    Q) How many electrical powerpoint are allocated to me as a vendor?

    Fully Catered Sites : There will be a limitation on electrical power points because all forms of life support for your frags will be already accounted for. Please help us lighten the electrical load on the event space by coming with your phone and square reader fully charged on the day. 

    BYO Tank Sites are only allowed to use up to 6 power points. Please try to minimise electrical load wherever possible to ensure enough power is allocated throughout the room. Test and tagging services are available where necessary, please apply for this service via our email info@fragarama.com if required. 

    Dry Sites will not necessarily have any power points available at all – have your request for power confirmed by a committee when specifically requested via email directly and we will do our best to accomodate. 

    Q) How should Vendors take payment from customers?

    Ultimately it is your choice which payment method(s) to offer as a vendor. It is undoubtedly going to be helpful to be ready for cash sales (bring some small change in preparation). Some people may opt for using PayPal or bank transfer. Have your details ready on a waterproof (laminated) print out! We strongly suggest using an easy EFTPOS payment system such as a square reader. 


    Q) What sponsorship opportunities are available?

    The Fragarama committee appreciates ANY support on any level. The biggest way you can support this event is by attending, socialising and contributing to the community. 

    Make an offer! We are looking for prizes for our raffle and lucky door prizes, product displays and demonstrations. We would like to utilise some of the table spaces (seperate to the wet vendor tables) available to showcase sponsor products. A guest speaker or two would be a great offer to engage hobbyists throughout the day alongside the market, MASQ BBQ, bar, food truck and lawn bowls. Please email our committee if you have an offer or idea of how you would like to support the event to info@fragarama.com.au

    Q) What do I get for sponsoring?

    Community exposure directly with consumers. Advertising and marketing opportunities. We will promote all sponsors on social media and promotional material – benefit from offering early by receiving more promotions. 

    Fragarama is starting out local, intimate and small, but we do have high hopes one day to move it to a larger venue and make it even more exciting into the future! Those who support us from the start up will undoubtedly receive priorities wherever possible moving forward.